About MC Touring Camp

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MC Touring Club is the biggest association for motorcyclists in Denmark, with more than 38.000 members.

MC Touring Camp is a campsite for motorcyclists only. It is owned and run by MC Touring Club Denmark. See more pictures of the campsite.


MC Touring Camp is located at the small village Nødager southeast of Kolind between Aarhus and Grenaa i Jutland. Only 25 kilometers from ferry connections to Sweden and Zealand (Sjælland), and about 45 km from Aarhus and Randers. Here is the adress and map of MC Touring Camp.

The surroundings of MC Touring Camp have nice roads for motorcycleriding, and near by (25 km) you will find several nice beaches and tourist attractions.



MC Touring Camp is open every day in May, June, Juli and August. From Easter to 31. April and in September the campsite is open during the weekends (Friday afternoon until Sunday noon).

All motorcyclists are welcome at the MC Touring Camp. Cars are not allowed at the campsite.

Welcome at MC Touring Camp – meetingplace for motorcyclists.


MC Touring Camp has excellent toilet and bathing facilities, swimming pool, cooking facilities, washing machine and tumble dryer. At the camp you will also find a bar where you can buy breakfast, hot meals, snacks, ice cream, beer, soft drinks and wine at reasonable prices.